Daily Schedule

Ive just designed my daily schedule for the first few months of the upcoming year.

I know that many people do this, especially those with kids who participate in lots of activities.

Mine is colour coded and every day has at least some yellow.

Yellow is rest. (On a side note there, not sure if Ive mentioned, but I have synaesthesia, so when I say yellow is rest, take it literally)

I have no doubt that many would see my schedule as lazy; seriously, there is actually more yellow on the board than anything else.  There is only 2 hours of green,  Green is socialising.  It was an after thought.

So what is rest?  Somedays it is sitting on the couch, maybe with a book, maybe not.  Somedays it is walking along the beach.  Somedays it is pottering in the garden,  but all days, it is listening to my body and predicting what it needs, with plenty of time to grant it just that.

So my schedule is now pinned up behind my computer.  Its not printed in colour as my printer is not that fancy.  But that ok, I see the colours anyway.  The  first half of my year is locked away, there will be travel of course, after all thats my passion, but there is something about a schedule, to me, that is restful in its own right, Ive always loved a schedule.  It is a foundation stone; an anchor.  I’ve always said that I don’t mind what the future may hold, as long as I know well in advance and I really am happy to be spontaneous, as long as I have that anchor to come back to.

So what else is on the schedule?  Well writing of course, a weekly blog, a little bit on my novel, a lot less work than last year, and a little something else thats not offical yet.  So stay posted if you want to hear about that one.

But right now its 30 degrees, Ive had a lovely quiet day, and the beach is calling.

So off I go…Bye for now.



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