Road Trip

This week, my daughter and I took a road trip to Canberra.  My eldest was graduating uni at ANU and so we went up for the ceremony.

Now, as a spoonie, road trips can be pretty tough, especially as I am the only fully licensed driver.  (My daughter is on her Ls so she can drive a bit, but seriously, that is NOT restful lol) So we decided to take the scenic route and drive it over 2 days.  A good decision, for many many reasons.

Firstly, its a much nicer drive.  Stunningly gorgeous coastline and some really quaint little towns, like Bairnsdale, where we stayed the first night.

Secondly, it meant breaking up the trip a bit which  is VERY important.  By the time we reached Bairnsdale everything ached.  My legs, my feet, my whole right side.  My left side was numb, so that didn’t hurt…I guess there is a positive in that.  And I was exhausted.  So we spent the late afternoon wandering slowly around the township (and discovered the beautiful church in the instagram picture.)

Thirdly, had we left when we originally intended and driven the Hume highway, we would have been just outside of Wangaratta when the flooding hit.  Did you hear about it?  It was in the news:  People escaping the flood waters by climbing on the tops of trucks, small hatchbacks were washed away;

we were driving a small hatchback,

Its pretty likely that we would not have made it on time to see the graduation and that would have been REALLY bad.


So the moral of that story could very easily be never hurry.  Always take the scenic route and don’t try to fit too much into one day.

Regardless of the story, its a good moral, and very good advice.


More about the trip in the ays to come.


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