The Basics

Hello and welcome to what I hope to be a great place for all my fellow travel loving spoonies out there. With this Blog I hope to share support, ideas and experiences as well as anecdotes of my life.  So lets start by getting to know me.

Just by the title, you’ve already guessed that I love travelling and I’m a spoonie.  If you don’t know what a spoonie is then check out this; Blog:

but here are a few other details:

I am over 40. (Lets just leave that one there!)

I like to travel solo, but sometimes I travel with others.

I am an introvert.

I am  divorced  with 2 grown up kids.

I work part time in a job that I love, but I suspect that wont come up much on this blog.

I live in regional Victoria, Australia, near the beach, which I love.

As for my health, well, thats a saga so here are a few bits and pieces.

In 2004 I was diagnosed with Hyper Excitable Peripheral Nerve Syndrome. (Isaac Syndrome)   No one has heard of it.  There are possibly 5 or 6 people in Australia with it. Its actually so rare that I cant even find a decent website to link to,

and just because life isn’t even that simple, I also have a long list of other things:

Apparently I have fibromyalgia.  I say apparently as it was a psychologist who diagnosed this not a GP.  I have friends with Fibro, and I see what they go through, and I can see the similarities, but Ive never been entirely sure if what I experience is a part of the Isaacs Syndrome or is additional to.

I have asthma.

I have extremely low Vitamin D and Iron Levels.  The Vitamin D is managed with big dose supplements, but the Iron is causing me some grief.  Supplements haven’t worked, and so surgery is scheduled for early December.

Oh and lets not forget the big ‘C’ word.  Yep, cancer….well, I feel a bit of an imposter when I say that.  I had a stage 1 melanoma cut out of my leg early this year, and its all gone.  But I have to have 3 monthly checks and when I go into the clinic, the treat me like a cancer patient, the language they use is reassuring, but they don’t beat around the bush, I am a cancer patient. But I feel like a cancer patient is one who has been through chemo and had months of stress and pain, and so, I feel like the imposter.

Migraines.  Yep those too, although, to be honest, they are few and far between these days, thanks to living a life of much less stress.


I think thats about all for now.  Its enough for an intro post.  Stay tuned for the next instalment.




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